11-Year Old Black Entrepreneur to Teach Financial Literacy in His Newly Acquired School Bus

At just 11-years old, Caden Harris from Atlanta, Georgia, has already amassed a wealth of knowledge.

His supportive parents nurtured his natural gifts and helped him launch his first business at seven years old. They encouraged him to write his first book by age eight. Caden recently purchased a 54-seat passenger bus that he is raising funds to convert the bus into his financial literacy traveling mobile unit to visit schools and create a money educational experience for area youth.

Now at age eleven, Caden has already developed a great insight towards financial literacy. He has created products to help teach kids financial literacy and achieved his goal of purchasing this bus. Caden is now raising funds and offering sponsorships opportunities for businesses that want to help support his efforts of teaching kids about money management! Businesses and sponsors can have their logos proudly displayed on the bus along with t-shirts and other promotional products giveaways.

Local schools, youth church groups, Boys & Girls Clubs, continually retain Caden to provide a platform for his passion of teaching financial literacy for kids by a kid. These same organizations have continued to invite him back each year as the kids he has previously taught show a motivation for learning about money at a young age.

Adding Caden’s mobile financial learning bus to his many ways of cultivating the minds of our youth increases their ability to earn, save, budget and even invest money. Onboard the financial literacy bus kids will walk through careers to earn money, experience a mock grocery store where kids will learn to budget money, a mock bank where kids will learn how to sign up for a bank account and a tablet station where they will learn about investments. This hands-on experience will help kids retain all of the information they learned.

Caden is leaning on our community to help renovate his bus and make his dream a reality! Donations can be made online via his GoFundMe page.

Want to help? Reach Caden at CadenTeaches@gmail.com.

This story first appeared on BlackBusiness.com.