12 Absurd Laws Used to Stop Occupy Wall Street

12 Absurd Laws Used to Stop Occupy Wall Street

The First Amendment allows American citizens the freedom of speech and the right to peaceably assemble. This portion of the Bill of Rights has been the cornerstone of Occupy Wall Street, which started two months ago when swarms of concerned people took over Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park to protest the drastic inequalities between the rich and poor.
The movement has since spread to similar occupations around the country and globe, resulting in civil unrest that some government officials are not too fond of. Despite the occupiers' right to assemble, law enforcement officials have begun unearthing rarely used legal loopholes to evict protesters. Most recently, Zuccotti Park was temporarily cleared out during a late night raid to clean up the grounds. Although protesters were allowed to return, they were unable to bring along tents and sleeping bags due to city ordinances. AlterNet compiled 12 of the most absurd laws used to stop the Occupy Wall Street movement.