13 Year Old Creates ‘AwesomeLiYou’ Leak Proof Period Panty With Heating Pad

13 Year Old Creates ‘AwesomeLiYou’ Leak Proof Period Panty With Heating Pad

A recent survey in 2021 found that more than seven in 10 teens had questions about their periods.

Additionally, nearly eight in 10 agreed that they were taught more about the biology of frogs than of the human female body in school. This statistic shows the percentage of teenage students in the United States who reported a lack of communication and education on menstruation as of 2021.

Thirteen year old Aaliyah Clyburn, founder of Awesomeli You a new line of leak proof period panties with a heating pad is on a mission to provide users with a peace of mind and comfort during the most uncomfortable month of your life. The idea for having a heating pad on the go came to Aaliyah while sitting on the couch in pain from cramps and having to get up and run errands with her mother, according to a press release.


Available on the website, the High Absorbent Period Panties With Heating Pad retails at $99.99, comes in sizes S-XXL and has the following features:

  • Full protection: Full wide back coverage and extended protective lining in the front ensure no messy stains on sheets or clothes, giving extra protection against leakage; the leak proof lining can prevent liquid going through.
  • Fabric: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex – Crotch: 100% Cotton. Soft, comfortable, breathable and durable.
  • Super soft: Ultra soft sanitary panties, our underwear is made of super soft fabric, with high proportion of premium cotton, it’s breathable, comfy and elastic; natural dyeing, no need to worry if you are sensitive skin, no fading, soft and healthy, brings you all days and all-night comfort; with high elasticity, our waistband is more stretchy, no ride up, no roll down, doesn’t squeeze into your skin.
  • Washing: Can be worn up to 6-12 hours depending on your flow.

AwesomeliYou exists to educate and empower young girls and adults about menstruating.