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Ronald Washington And Karl Jordan Jr. Found Guilty Of Killing Jam Master Jay

Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr. were found guilty of killing Jam Master Jay. The men face a minimum of 20 years in prison

Jam Master Jay’s killers have been convicted more than 20 years after the legendary artist was slain in his Queens recording studio.

According to NPR, a jury convicted Ronald Washington and Karl Jordan Jr. of killing Jason Mizell, professionally known as Jam Master Jay, on Oct. 30, 2002. The two men are facing 20 years to life when they appear for sentencing. Washington was a childhood friend of Jay, while Jordan was his godson.

“More than two decades after they killed Jason Mizell in his recording studio, Jordan and Washington have finally been held accountable for their cold-blooded crime driven by greed and revenge,” United States District Attorney Breon Peace said in a written statement. “That the victim, professionally known as Jam Master Jay, was a hip hop icon and Run-DMC’s music was born in Hollis, Queens, in this very district, and beloved by so many, adds to the tragedy of a life senselessly cut short. I thank the jurors for their service, and I commend our prosecutors, the NYPD detectives, both active and retired, and the Special Agents and investigators from the ATF and my office, for their relentless pursuit of justice for the victim, his family, and the community.”

On that fateful evening at about 7:30 p.m., the two convicted men entered Jay’s studio through a fire escape door that was opened by a third co-conspirator. Mizell and his manager were reviewing paperwork when the assailants entered. Jordan approached Mizell, pointed a gun, and fired two shots at close range. One shot pierced Mizell’s skull, instantly killing him. The three men left immediately.

Jay’s business manager, who received a gunshot wound to her leg, identified Jordan as the triggerman at trial. She also stated that Washington was present in the recording studio when the killing took place. She claimed it was Washington who pointed a gun at her and ordered her to get down on the floor.

The men supposedly killed him because Jay had been given 10 kilograms of cocaine on consignment in August 2002. He was supposed to sell the product in the Maryland area, according to prosecutors. Washington and Jordan were brought in on the deal, but after a disagreement between Washington and another person involved, Jay cut Washington and Jordan out of the deal, leading to the killing of the popular DJ.

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