Meet the 2017 BE Modern Men: Week 1

Did you miss any of our first crop of BE Modern Men for 2017? 

This year’s 100 Men of Distinction started out with a bang, with well-known businessman Randal Pinkett of The Apprentice fame. Our first 10 honorees also include men working to support small business or get families physically fit, mentoring aspiring artists, building our technological capacity, and lobbying for our communities.


Randall Pinkett


Meet “The Wealth Creator” Dr. Randal Pinkett

CEO, BCT Partners

“While the world is calling you to be successful, God is calling you to be great.”

Read his full profile here.


Walter Tucker


Meet “Mr. Music” Walter J. Tucker

President and Founder of LiveThe.Biz, Music Executive, and Adjunct Professor

“Write down your vision and be accountable for your own dream. No one is responsible for manifesting your vision but you.”

Read his full profile here.


James Methu


Meet “The Small Business Analyst” James Methu

Senior Business Analyst, Office of Small Business Development, City of Milwaukee

“Don’t be afraid to be who you really are. Understand what makes you tick and don’t be afraid to stand out.”

Read his full profile here.


Kimatni Rawlins


Meet “The Fit Father” Kimatni D. Rawlins

Founder & Publisher of Fit Fathers / Founder & Publisher of Automotive Rhythms  

“Determination has to be followed by action. We all have ideas, but what will become of them if there is no execution?”

Read his full profile here.


Damien Horne


Meet “The Inspiring Musician” Damien Horne


“All of us have gifts and talents that we can build with, no matter what else we may be lacking. Just start with what you’ve got. Doors will open up.”

Read his full profile here


Leonard Edwards


Meet “Mr. Philanthropy” Leonard M. Edwards II

Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships for the Prudential Center, New Jersey Devils, and Team Dignitas

“Be genuine and don’t compare your path to someone else’s. Your time is coming. There is enough out here for all of us to be successful.”

Read his full profile here.


Fabian Elliott


Meet “The Tech Maverick” Fabian Elliott

Founder and CEO, Black Tech Mecca

“Instead of looking to others, pose the question to yourself. Sometimes we look everywhere else except to ourselves for answers when they are within us the whole time.”

Read his full profile here


Phillip Singleton


Meet “The Hip-Hop Statesman” Phillip A. Singleton

Founder of Singleton Consulting, Lobbyist/Government Affairs Consultant

“Most people will listen to naysayers and lose faith in their personal belief. Regardless of what people say, trust your intuition and follow God’s will for your life.”

Read his full profile here


Ash Cash Exantus


Meet “Mr. Money” Ash Cash Exantus

Wealth Coach 

“One of my business mentors always says to me: ‘It is always too early to quit.’ Obstacles and setbacks cannot stop [us] unless [we] let them.”

Read his full profile here.


Ahmad Roper


Meet ‘Mr. Education’ Ahmad Roper

Educator, Head Track & Field Coach, Speaker, and Community Activist

Figure out your “why.” Your heart will always tell you what’s your true purpose and passion.

Read his full profile here.


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