23-Year-Old Houston DJ Dies Nearly 2 Weeks After Falling From 13th-Floor Balcony

23-Year-Old Houston DJ Dies Nearly 2 Weeks After Falling From 13th-Floor Balcony

A young, beloved DJ in Texas who fell from a balcony of a high-rise building nearly two weeks ago has died a week after not fully recovering from her injuries.

According to a Facebook post by her mother, Terri Lewis, DJ D Baby passed away 10 days after she fell off a 13th-floor balcony.

“My youngest and only daughter has transitioned, please pray for the family, my heart is heavy and broken.”

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 23-year-old Darian Lewis, known as DJ D Baby, died less than two weeks after mysteriously falling from the balcony of a high-rise building. Police officials believe it was an accidental fall, but they are continuing to investigate the incident. Lewis fell from the 13th-floor balcony onto a ninth-floor pool deck at an apartment complex in Houston.

D Baby’s girlfriend, Nishia Jackson, stated on her Facebook page that D Baby’s death was neither suicide nor murder. She says D Baby was intoxicated when she fell off a patio chair on the balcony. She wrote a statement to deflect what some have speculated as foul play on her part.

“On the night in question, her associate dropped her off to me bc they said she could not drive. She wanted to drive to her place & due to her intoxication I stood in front of the door. She ran to the patio (never in a million years would I have a reason to think that the next actions would follow)… once she she climbed on the patio chair I sprinted from the door to her but she fell over before I could save her. I literally saw & heard her fall before my eyes. Running to her I had to take the stairs because the elevator took too long. I got to her & immediately screamed & summoned for help! My property is a true high rise with a high balcony. There’s no way I could have pushed her over, she was only able to get over because she climbed on to the furniture. I would have literally had to pick her up & throw her over which is absolutely absurd! WE WERE NOT FIGHTING!”