3 New ‘Foodie’ and Travel Apps

1. Wine’ n Dine. Calling all foodies–there’s a new app that helps you share your favorite (or not so favorite) meals and discover the best venues and food around you. Wine’ n Dine (free on iOS and Android), dubbed the Instagram for food and wine photos only, uses the power of your social network to give you the best tips and recommendations about dishes and wines. Some of our favorite celebrities, like Carmelo and Lala Anthony, are using the app to give you a sneak peak into their favorite foods and places to eat.

Here’s how it works: simply snap a picture of your dish, select the restaurant and dish name from the in-app menu, rate your foodie experience and share it with your friends.

If you’re a fan of Instagram, you know it only takes a few seconds to scroll through your feed before stumbling across a followers mouth-watering meal. Before you know it, you’re leaving a comment asking about the taste or location of the restaurant so that you can add it to your restaurant wish-list. But thanks to the Wine’ n Dine app, you can simply hit the “Wanna Try” feature to save lists of food and places that you want to try.  You can even view your friends’ favorite places to eat.

2. Bandsintown Concerts, a free app available on iOS and Android, gives you the inside city-scoop on the festivals and performances happening near you. You can browse for a particular band in nearby places, search events lists for specific cities, and you can even invite your Facebook friends to join you.

Here’s how it works: register for the app via email or Facebook. The free app scans your music libraries in services like iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, and Rdio, and searches your artist likes on Facebook and Twitter to learn who you are as a fan and who to Track. Then you can book tickets from inside the app.

3. Google’s Field Trip is another cool app (free on iOS and Android), which gives you the inside scoop on the hidden and unique things happening around you. From the tastiest places to eat and historic landmarks to the best places to shop, Field Trip uses pop-up notifications on your phone to alert you with details about a location. If you’re connected to your headset or Bluetooth, it can even read the information to you.