3 Quick, Easy—and Free— Steps to Boost Your Job Prospects

3 Quick, Easy—and Free— Steps to Boost Your Job Prospects

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We’ve all heard that saying, “Time is money,” and for those who are looking for employment, the more time spent without a gig can mean the more time spent without earning a salary.

The more one can save time and maximize their job search efforts, the better chance they have to be effective and efficient in landing a gig.

Check out three quick steps you can take today—all for free— to rev up your job prospects for the new year:

1. Change your voicemail greeting to a more savvy or professional one. Most of us have cell or home phones, and with those come voicemail services. If you have the automated option as your greeting, or your message is more casual, step it up a notch and make it personable, yet professional. State your name, what you’re good at (or a catchy title for what you offer the job market), your desire for them to leave a message, and end with a pleasant, “Thank you,” or “Look forward to talking with you soon,” or “Have a wonderful day!” It may seem cheesy, but you’ll definitely brand yourself as a professional and stand out among other job seekers.

2. Follow or connect with an industry leader or human resources professional at the company you want to work for on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or LinkedIn. With one click of the mouse (and a personalized note if via LinkedIn), you can be that much closer to at least getting your foot in the door. Don’t be too pushy or generic. Infuse personality, relate to them in a way that not only impresses but shows you’re a professional, and take baby steps (such as a quick good morning, sharing of a relevant article link, or Google Plus acknowledgement on a post or congratulations a recent achievement.)

3. Sign up for free courses or a Meet Up group in your city. With the exception of gas or transit expense and a snack, free courses (like this one) and Meetups are a great—and affordable—way to meet people in your industry. Really see what’s out there and get to networking while also learning a thing or two. It’s as easy as, again, one or two clicks of a mouse and showing up.