3 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Publish a Book

As a former business management consultant, I worked with some of the top influential solopreneurs–coaches and speakers–who were also authors with published work. While we often explored sales tactics around selling books in the “back of the room” at speaking engagements, sending buyers to Amazon or their website, and planning book tours, I questioned, “Why aren’t book sales being made every day? How is this truly adding to their bottom line?”

After studying various publishing benefits, structures, and processes, I learned that book publishing is an important brand positioning strategy that increases an entrepreneur’s visibility, credibility, and profitability when done effectively.

  • Visibility. Many markets easily become saturated, making it challenging for a business to stand out. A book today is what a brochure or business card was in the past. It is an essential positioning tool that offers more visibility to your niche market. Having your published book available in bookstores (both online and in store), libraries, and other places is an effective marketing funnel to attract or grab the attention of would-be buyers.
  • Credibility. Similar to the world of academia, publishing a book gives you additional brand credibility by way of an “Instant Authority” status. Of course, your values, work ethic, and actual results establish your brand, but having a published book reveals why you should be preferred. Being able to articulate this in a concise format displays a commitment to your expertise and how you differ from the competition.
  • Profitability. Profits from sales can be reinvested to fund other business activities or events to expand your business. According to Cheryl Polote-Williamson, best-selling author and founder of Soul Reborn, “I’ve used my published books to fund other business entities, donate over $5,000 to various organizations to satisfy philanthropic initiatives, and create a financial resource for others.”

Publishing a book is a smart and increasingly necessary business tool. Virtually all kinds of businesses, from large chain retail stores to micro-entrepreneurs, have published works that serve as great lead generation tools while demonstrating why their brand should be preferred and also providing opportunities for more revenue and business expansion.



This article was written by The BOSS Network Influencer Tieshena Davis.

Tieshena Davis is the best-selling author of Think Like a Bookpreneur and the founder of Purposely Created Publishing Group, an international award-winning book publishing firm specializing in author branding and development. She appears widely at public events, teaching entrepreneurs how to create books to accelerate their business.

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