Dynamic Do-Gooder: 4 Reasons Giving Back Can Benefit Your Career

Dynamic Do-Gooder: 4 Reasons Giving Back Can Benefit Your Career

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Just about every successful person knows the rewards of giving back. Volunteering in your community, whether it be through a charity event, speaking panel, or philanthropy project, proves that there’s no greater feeling than knowing your words and actions have helped to make a difference in someone’s life. But, there’s also other benefits for you. Below are four reasons giving back can help boost your career:

1. Influences new career ideas: Whether you’re helping raise money for a charity event, speaking to youth about the importance of following their dreams, or speaking on a panel about careers to college students, going out and getting your hands dirty in your community can give you an idea of what’s missing and what voids need to be filled. This new inspiration can lead to new career ideas and business ventures that will help you move one step closer in closing a gap in your community.

2. Builds your confidence: Seeing first-hand the impact you can have on others can be a boost to your ego and give you an overall sense of confidence. This confidence can transcend from your community work to the office and give you better self-assurance to push forward in your career.

3. Allows you to be a mentor: Knowing that someone trusts and admires you enough to ask you for career advice and tips will let any professional know they are doing something right. Getting out in your community and helping others will allow you to meet young professionals along the way who would love to be taken under your wing and shown the ropes of the game in your career field.

4. Expands your network: You never know whether the head of an organization or someone you helped on a project could be your next partner, coworker, boss or collaborator. Volunteering, supporting benefits, and contributing to causes can put you at the table with other influencers and can give you leverage among industry power players. It can also expand your network, ensuring more leads of job opportunities.