3 Smart Ways Meditation Hones Leadership Skills
Black Enterprise Magazine Summer 2019 Issue


As a leader you are relied upon and are held to higher expectations. Ideally every one should try to become better at whatever they choose to do, but leaders tend to have more pressure. It is important to manage that pressure to become the best possible person for your team. Mediation has been known to help focus and calm even the most tumultuous lifestyles. Entrepreneur.com writer Nadia Goodman suggests some three ways for any leader to become better using meditation.

1. End habitual unproductive thoughts.
We tend to dwell on common issues, such as frustrations about a co-worker, worries about tomorrow’s presentation, or regrets about yesterday’s gaffe. Those thoughts become habitual distractions, often hurting our relationships and choices. “Meditation is a training tool to help us become familiar with thoughts or patterns that come up over and over,” Rinzler says. To break those patterns during your work day, Rinzler recommends taking a 30 to 60-second break once every hour. Look up from your computer and focus on your breath, noticing any thoughts and letting them go. “By doing that, you’re taking a fresh point of view every hour,” Rinzler says. “That helps you refocus and stay grounded.”

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