Couple Launches Delightfully Naughty ‘3 Some Chocolates’

“It will never work out—that name, it’s just too raunchy.” This was the feedback Patrick Ali Glanville and Kristin Parker first received when they launched their online chocolate company, 3 Some Chocolates. It was the name that would get them the most attention. Everyone loves chocolate, but what makes this chocolate company so different? They blend three chocolates everyone loves—milk, white, and dark—combine it into one bar, and name it a “3 Some.”

Patrick Ali Glanville and Kristin Parker, founders of 3 Some Chocolates


The concept was created by Glanville, who had been making chocolate with his family since he was a child. He grew up in Southside Jamaica, Queens, the son of immigrants. His grandmother brought his mother to the United States from Jamaica in the 1970s and worked hard to provide for her family, teaching them skills that would be useful to them throughout life, one of which was making chocolate.

Glanville wanted to find a way to turn his many skill sets into a business and 3 Some Chocolates was born. “I remember us sitting on the couch, brainstorming one night,” Parker recalled. “We had discussed starting a business together for years but we wanted a niche and to have a product that would be memorable and would have people coming back for more.”

They decided to launch a chocolate candy business. “We thought, wow, this is perfect, everyone loves chocolate and our brand name will be a great conversation piece. It’s also an icebreaker, a gift, a joke—it can be whatever you want it to be,” Glanville said.

Ever since that moment, Glanville and Parker have been fulfilling people’s fantasies. The millennial couple leverages social media to market their brand. Their following has grown at an exponential rate and they have shipped their incredible chocolate all over the world. And they have plans to open a storefront in Manhattan soon.

“This has been an amazing journey for us,” stated Parker, who is in charge of operations and finance at 3 Some Chocolates. She grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and attended Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta.

The chocolate bars are customizable online—you can have your 3 Some any way you want it. 3 Some Chocolates have specialty bars with unique recipes and flavors passed down to Glanville from his grandmother. One of their most popular items is their jerk truffles, where they combine just the right amount of spice with milk or dark chocolate.

“Every day, Patrick and I work hard to inspire each other and stay focused on growing the brand and providing people with something they can be a part of. We love promoting our customers on our social media sites because if it wasn’t for them, we wouldn’t have been able to grow at this rate,” Parker said.