3 Top Strategies for Getting Closer to Your Clients

3 Top Strategies for Getting Closer to Your Clients

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As the CEO for In Touch EMR, a healthcare consulting and software business, I’ve found that personalizing your offers to existing clients lessens the burden of having to gain new customers. It not only lowers costs, but significantly increases client satisfaction. Once my team and I started identifying the needs of our customers and tailoring our offers to them, In Touch EMR grew by 40% in 12 months–without any increase in the number of clients.

Back in 2007, we provided business consulting and marketing software to physical therapists, but we soon realized they needed help with scheduling patients, documenting visits, and insurance billing. Our customers consist of private practice owners and clinics across the United States. Once we offered value-added services to them, we increased our revenue per customer.

There are three tenets of “getting personal” with clients: client segmentation, service diversification, and proactive client communication. Here’s how to accommodate all three tenets and succeed in the new, information-driven economy.

Tailor Your Marketing With Client Segmentation

The best way to serve clients is to collect data points that identify exactly what the consumer needs and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly. This method, known as client segmentation, opens up exciting new possibilities for your business. Characteristics you can collect include the client’s annual income, preferred line of communication, buying history, and more. Client segmentation allows our consulting business to tailor content according to these characteristics. Once we identified which clinics needed help with medical billing, attracting more patients, staffing/hiring, etc., we lowered marketing costs and had a higher rate of return with all our advertising and promotions. Try taking it a step further and use precise marketing messages which result in higher client satisfaction.

Provide Service Diversification

Service diversification expands on your core business service. You can deliver a range of related services using a unique payment model. This allows a business to reduce or eliminate the dependence on referral sources from third-party companies. Oftentimes, clients that come to your business also search for related services. If you can anticipate these needs, why not offer those services in your own business?

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Nitin Chhoda PT, DPT is the founder of physical therapy newsletter marketing systems, medical electronic documentation software like In Touch EMR and medical billing companies like In Touch Billing. For more articles and information, click here to visit his physical therapy marketing blog.

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