3rd Annual AFRICON Conference Aims to Reconnect African Americans With Their Heritage And Unite Entire African Diaspora

Amplify Africa’s AFRICON conference is back for the third year to unite the entire African diaspora and reconnect African Americans with their roots and heritage in the Mother Land.

AFRICON is taking over Los Angeles next month in honor of Africa Day’s 60th anniversary on May 25–28. The conference, which serves as one of the country’s largest celebrations of the global Black diaspora, brings together trailblazers in music, business, activism, education, and more to recognize and elevate the diverse achievements of the African continent.

The event features a range of engaging activities, such as an Afro Ball Fashion gala, a music festival organized by AfroFuture, opportunities to support black-owned businesses, and fireside chats that explore the contributions of the African Diaspora to various professional fields, including entertainment, technology, media, business, and entrepreneurship. AFRICON’s return follows the successful launch of the inaugural in-person conference in 2022.

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CEO & Co-Founder of Amplify Africa, Damilare Kujembola, spoke with BLACK ENTERPRISE about the third annual AFRICON and teased what attendees can expect.

Expand on the significance of uniting the African diaspora and the space you’re creating for African Americans to reconnect to their heritage at AFRICON.

The African diaspora refers to the global community of people of African descent who have been forcibly removed from their homelands through slavery, migration, or other forms of displacement. This diaspora has been dispersed across the globe, with many individuals losing touch with their African roots and cultural heritage.

For African Americans, in particular, AFRICON represents a unique opportunity to reconnect with their heritage and explore their ancestral roots. Many African Americans are descendants of enslaved Africans who were forcibly taken from their homelands and brought to the Americas, losing touch with their African cultural heritage in the process. AFRICON provides a safe and inclusive space for African Americans to explore their heritage, learn about their ancestral cultures, and connect with other people of African descent.

AFRICON plays a significant role in uniting the African diaspora as a whole by providing a space for people of African descent to come together, celebrate their heritage, and build connections with each other. Through cultural workshops, music performances, art exhibitions, and other activities, attendees can learn about the rich cultural heritage of Africa, share their experiences, and build lasting relationships that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries.

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What do you hope attendees will gain from the AFRICON experience this year?

AFRICON offers attendees a unique platform to network with like-minded individuals, make new friends, and establish business connections. Through AFRICON, attendees can also find potential partners who share their interests and values.

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The event features music, dance, and art from across the African continent and its diaspora, providing a unique opportunity to learn about and appreciate the rich heritage of Africa. AFRICON is also a chance to have fun and relax with other attendees, participating in various activities like sports competitions, talent shows, and parties.

Overall, AFRICON offers attendees a range of opportunities to network, explore job opportunities, meet investors, celebrate African culture, and have fun. Whether you’re looking to build lasting relationships, learn more about African culture, or find new business opportunities, AFRICON is an event that offers something for everyone.

How were AFRICON 2023 honorees and panelists selected?

The selection process for AFRICON 2023 honorees and panelists was based on a combination of factors. First and foremost, we are blessed with an amazing network of individuals who are doing incredible work across a range of fields, and we wanted to use AFRICON as an opportunity to amplify their voices and celebrate their achievements.

In addition to our personal networks, we also conducted extensive research to identify individuals who are making significant contributions to their communities and fields of work. We sought out individuals who are innovative, visionary, and committed to advancing the African diaspora. Our goal was to ensure that our honorees and panelists represent a diverse range of perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds.

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Looking ahead to future years, we plan to open up the selection process to the public and invite nominations for future speakers and honorees. We believe that this will help us to discover even more incredible individuals who are making significant contributions to their communities and fields of work. We are committed to ensuring that AFRICON remains an inclusive and diverse platform that showcases the best and brightest voices from across the African diaspora.