4 Work Environments to Avoid

4 Work Environments to Avoid

What’s your staffing plan? Even if you’re a staff of one, you need to have a plan for what you’ll do if your business expands quickly. Make sure you account for every position you’ll have to fill. You don’t want to be caught off guard!
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It’s great to be employed, but no one likes a toxic work environment. It’s not only bad for morale but often causes a negative domino effect when it comes to employee productivity and motivation. Madame Noire details the top four workplace cultures to stay away from and how they can ultimately deter your personal and career progress:

Jovial, but lazy environments: You love going to work, and everyone seems happy, but in all the apparent joviality, nothing ever seems to get done. Such environments can prove harmful to you, because you may not at first realize that you’re not learning or developing as you should, and you’re not becoming an effective leader. These environments are hard to detect because all seems well in them, but when you consider how much you’re losing in terms of your craft, you’ll know that you need to run from them.

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