4 Hot Gadgets for Summer Fun (Part 3)

4 Hot Gadgets for Summer Fun (Part 3)

Drones – The UDI U818A

Although drones aren’t just for the government’s Department of Defense or nosy paparazzi, not everyone wants to spend more than $1,000 for one. The UDI U818A can cost between $45 and $80, depending on where you buy it, and replacement parts like rotors run cheap (under $3 a set). The UDI U818A includes a video camera that captures 640 x 480-pixel video. The picture might not be as steady as the $1,299 DJI Phantom2 Vision+ but for your first drone, you can’t beat the price. Amazon.com; $50.15

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Waterproof Speaker — Photive Rain WaterProof Bluetooth Speaker

This compact water-shock-dust-proof wireless speaker boasts the ruggedness needed for camping and hiking or simply relaxing in the bath. With its rugged design, this speaker can go with you on a four-wheeler or snowmobile run and then, afterward, can play relaxing music while you take a hot shower. It boasts an IP65 rating against water and dust infiltration, and its rubberized exterior absorbs the shock of impacts. Its removable suction mount attaches to flat surfaces, such as shower surrounds, and its carabiner clip securely latches to your bag.

Waterproof iPhone Case — iGills5X Diving Computer and App

If only your phone could go where you go? Now it can. Divers prepare to rejoice. The $329 iGills 5X case and app turns your iPhone 5, 5S, and 5C, into a Nitrox-compatible dive computer that also lets you take photos and video from underneath the waves, as deep as 200 feet or 60 meters. It comes with an 8 megapixel camera, 1080p HD video, a digital dive log, and much more. Plus you can post directly to Facebook and Instagram while underwater. Igills.com; $329

Safe Drinking Water —SteriPen Ultra

The SteriPen Ultra is a compact unit that uses ultraviolet light to kill microscopic nasties, rendering water from unknown sources safe to drink. A SteriPen won’t neutralize chemical contamination, but it will rid your drinking water of 99.9% of unwanted bacteria, viruses, protozoa, amoeba, or rotifers. It is rechargeable via a computer, outlet, or portable solar panel. Ultra’s UV lamp treats up to 8,000 one-liter treatments. Steripen.com; $99.95

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