Love and Career: 4 Reasons Office Romances Aren’t Taboo

Love and Career: 4 Reasons Office Romances Aren’t Taboo

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Love is in the air, and it may even be in the office. Dunkin Donuts has a Valentine’s Day commercial that shows a male co-worker giving a donut to the females in his office. One of the females juggles between keeping their “relationship” on the low or telling HR, but after seeing him give another coworker a special donut, decides it just “wouldn’t work.” The idea of office romance can evoke mixed responses in many business environments because for some, it can be a hindrance, while in others it can be an asset. Brazen Careerist breaks down the positives of love in the office and why it could be a choice for you.

1. Increased Employee Longevity
Having a spouse, partner or romantic interest at work can increase retention. Seeing your significant other at the office can provide motivation to get excited about work each day, not to mention greater health benefits, perks and maybe even a double-down in stock options.

And managers: don’t try to prevent workplace love or separate colleagues who are together. Remember that if you respect their relationship, you could keep them around for a long time. Love can conquer all, and employees who date may look for new jobs if they can’t be together at your company.

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