4 Resources To Turn Your Blog Into a Money-Making Business

The world of blogging is vast and deep, but only a few will have what it takes to turn their bog into a profitable business. While the majority of blogs on the internet don’t make more than $2,000 per year, the top earning blogs in the world are generating millions of dollars every month, according Zac Johnson, who has 20 years of experience in the online marketing and business space.

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A 2010 BE Next finalist, Natasha Eubanks, founder and CEO of entertainment gossip site Young, Black & Fabulous (The YBF.com) has managed to take her blog to the million dollar a year stratosphere. The top earner among celebrity bloggers is Perez Hilton, who is reportedly pulling down around $450,000 monthly.

Most people don’t see names like the Huffington post or Mashable and think blogging, but they are blogs running on the WordPress platform, explains Johnson, noting that the Huffington Post earns more than $2 million a month or over $27 million a year.

With over 200+ million blogs in the world today, it’s now more important than ever to treat your blog like a real business and not a side project that will make you a millionaire overnight, advises Johnson, who has an online learning course and community at http://blogging.org. “Anyone can spend a few dollars and set up a domain name, install a free copy of WordPress and call themselves a blogger. However, to make it as a successful or professional blogger, you are going to need to do some research, planning and preparing before you even start to launch,” he explains.

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