4 Resume Tips That Get You the Job

4 Resume Tips That Get You the Job

Resumes are a pain. No matter what you do, how perfected you think it is, how much time spent tailoring and sifting, it seems nearly impossible to get it just right.

Venus Staffing, a one-stop-shop international staffing company providing talent for industry employers worldwide, offers help. The agency has provided tips that they’re sure will help you create a resume that makes you stand out as a superior candidate for the job of your dreams.

Check out their insight below:

Analyze your work history:

Sometimes it’s not ‘what is presented, but how it’s presented’ that matters. Check out your work history and how these skills are beneficial to the position in which you are applying. Individualizing your resume for each job shows dedication to the employer and also helps show your qualification to that specific position.

List relevant work history first:

Employers are not interested in what you did in the past if it doesn’t pertain to what you will be doing in the position that you are applying to. Remember that many applicants are also applying for the same position, if you don’t want your resume at the bottom of the pile, be sure to let your qualifications jump off the page.

Short and to the point:

Make sure that each sentence is short and to the point. Many employers are busy and pressed for time; unfortunately, they don’t have time to read a long-winded paper. Your resume should be no longer than a page to a page and a half. This will allow you adequate space to state your qualifications as they pertain to the position in question.

Clean and Neat:

Be sure that your resume is typed, and properly spaced, and that it is written on adequate paper. Also be sure there are no stains, marks, or creases on the resume before you turn it in. Take the time to keep it clean and neat and looking professional when handing it to the employer or place of business.

If you follow these 4 tips you will have a much better chance at getting the job of your dreams. While the job market today is hard, putting yourself in the employer’s shoes and making it easier for them will grab their attention.

For more tips on resume writing and job seeking insight visit VenusStaffing.com.