4 Smart Ways to Use Twitter to Find Your Next Gig

4 Smart Ways to Use Twitter to Find Your Next Gig

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So you’ve scoured job boards, had lunches, connected on LinkedIn and even landed a few interviews, but to no avail. Well, Twitter is a great place to connect and find leads for jobs as well. But you don’t want to go about it the wrong way. Here are a few smart steps from Brazen Careerist that will ensure you maximize your efforts and find success:

Internal recon: Lists are also a great way to stalk (oops, I mean “search”) companies you’re interested in applying to. By adding companies to a list, you can get an overview of company happenings and corporate announcements via Twitter. Knowing those details can earn you major brownie points if they come up during interview time.

Don’t be shy about adding employees to your lists, either. Seriously, though it sounds creepy, following employees gives you an inside glimpse into the problems that are critical to a company’s agenda (if the user regularly tweets about his/her work life). Use this insight to craft your resume accordingly or prepare for interviews. Don’t forget that private Twitter lists are viewable only by you.

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