4 Steps to Go From Small Fry to Big Cheese

4 Steps to Go From Small Fry to Big Cheese

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Are you sitting in a small, crowded cube but have your sights set on that corner office with a view? If you want to succeed in the business world, you have to stay on top of your game. Wanda Kiser, certified professional career coach and founder of Elite Resume Writing Inc., gives four steps to take you straight to the top:

Learn how to sell yourself and the skills you bring to the table: Know your value and your worth. Take inventory, including knowledge-based skills, transferable expertise and personality traits. Since you are the product, you should know what’s unique about you and what others appreciate about you. Be able to effectively communicate that to those in positions of power. Having this type of confidence gives you a competitive edge because no one can beat you at being you.

Establish profitable relationships: Increase your visibility in your field and make connections that will help you move forward in your career. Source, identify and secure a company mentor who has attained a level of business success that you aspire to achieve. Look for someone who is willing to mentor you, making sure that the fit is right, and be an eager learner. If you’re unable to secure a mentor, work with the power players at your company or the company where you aspire to work,  in any way possible, from the smallest of jobs to assisting on big projects.

Excel, excel, excel. You want to run with the best of the best? Well, you have to be on the level. Take extra courses, get additional training, and join a Toastmaster’s group or other professional organization that develops leaders. Also, if your company offers such classes, make sure you take them. Your competitive spirit should be strong, so never let yourself get caught slipping.

Ask for more responsibility. Don’t just rest on your laurels and get comfortable excelling at what you’re given. Do more. Ask for and be willing to take on additional assignments. Come in early and be willing to stay late. Always do a great job! Be an achiever of the exceptional, rather than settling for mediocrity.