4 Tech Solutions That Will Give Small Law Practices a Big Advantage

4 Tech Solutions That Will Give Small Law Practices a Big Advantage

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At Transcription Outsourcing, we regularly interact with our clients in the legal industry. Our conversation often shifts to their business, and, considering we help them with their operations, I hear about other technologies they leverage.

We work with both large and small law firms, and I find that larger firms use SaaS and other tech solutions that help them streamline their business in ways that some smaller firms aren’t. Not only that, small firms don’t have fewer tasks than the larger firms. In fact, sometimes there is more to do, as there are fewer teammates to take on a share of responsibilities.

Just like with any other industry, if a law firm is overrun with administrative tasks, they’re taking time away from doing what makes them money: practicing law. While companies like mine outsource many of those tasks, there are tech solutions that small firms should also be leveraging that can help them improve operationally. Here are a few that have helped smaller firms compete with their larger counterparts.

Cloud-Based Legal Calendars

Easily collaborate with your team using a calendar system. There are several intuitive cloud-based calendar solutions that provide firms with an encompassing scheduling solution that even the most modern law firms would be proud to use. When a firm moves their calendaring to the cloud, it synchronizes across all devices, making it easy for teammates to view each other’s schedule and set meeting times for collaboration.

Practice Management Software

Practice management software enables lawyers to increase efficiency. Every law firm I’ve talked with that has invested in practice management software have been glad they did. An excellent practice management software platform enables firms to do all of the following administrative tasks from one single portal:

  • Create invoices
  • Manage cases and clients
  • Go paperless by putting their documents in the cloud
  • Pay vendors

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