4 Unique Side Hustles That Bring in Big Bucks

4 Unique Side Hustles That Bring in Big Bucks

Ever thought about what you can do to make additional money on the side? Wonder what others are doing to provide that extra financial cushion? From turning your hobbies into jobs and making an extra buck off your passions, below are four unique side hustles that can bring you a little more cash flow.

Vending Machine Investor: If you like selling snacks and other quick food items but don’t really care for customer interaction, then becoming a vending machine investor may be the perfect sides hustle for you. Depending on what items you sell, how much you charge and how much money you dish out for maintenance, the profit vending machine investors make can vary greatly. On average, a beverage machine can bring in more than $200 in one day alone (and snack machines more than double that). While the return for making quick money can be good, one must keep in mind the maintenance and upkeep required in terms of making sure the machine stays stocked and observing what products sell better than others.

Virtual Assistant: Thanks to the Web, many companies now seek out assistance from individuals who are miles away with a computer and who can help with data entry, writing, consulting bookkeeping and secretarial work. While the rates for this position range depending on where you work and how often, virtual assistants can make an average of $41, 650 per year, which is pretty lucrative for something that can be considered a side income.

Fundraising Consultant: If you already work in consulting, this may be the ideal side hustle for you. Lots of nonprofits are constantly looking for innovative ways to help raise money for their organizations, and a fundraising consultant is the perfect solution. Depending on how often you offer your services and how many organizations you work with, a fundraising consultant can make anywhere between $50,000 and $100,000, proving that this side hustle has potential to become your main source of income.

Travel Agent: If you love planning family vacations, then becoming a travel agent may be just for you. But before getting too involved with an agency, make sure that you’ve done ample investigation on the company to avoid being part of a fraud ring. On average, a legitimate travel agent can make anywhere between $20,000 and $51,000 annually, depending on how much time they devote to the business.