4 Ways To Boost Your Professional Job Marketability

4 Ways to Boost Your Professional Marketability

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

We know the job market is filled with exemplary candidates, some holding degrees and work experience that go above and beyond the norm. We also know the usual career development track of going to school, getting a degree and hitting the pavement.

But, once all that’s said and done, how do you continue growing and molding yourself into a highly coveted professional who is at no loss for bigger and better job opportunities?

Brazen Careerist offers four ways to boost your professional marketability, so you won’t just rest on your degree-holding laurels.

1. Do-it-yourself
Sometimes you’ve got take educational matters into your own hands and exercise all the “can-do” enthusiasm you can muster. Living in a world where anything you’d ever want to know is a click of a mouse away makes it easy to pick and choose new skills to learn.

Someone who’s doing it: 22-year old Zoelle Egner recently transitioned from a position as a business analyst at a major retail company to a new role running marketing, communication and digital projects for an after-school provider.

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