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Tina Wells

Tina Wells 30
Buzz Marketing Group Voorhees, NJ

Wells’ market research firm has positioned itself as a key player offering companies from MAC Cosmetics to American Eagle effective marketing and research strategies–related to beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment–for 6 to 24-year-olds. With a worldwide network of nearly 10,000 teen consultants, the research aggregator is highly sought out.

TristanWalker 26
Director, Business Development
Foursquare Labs  Inc.  Palo Alto, CA

With nearly 2 million users “checking in,” Foursquare is elbowing its way into the Holy Trinity of social networking platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). Spearheading business development, Walker has closed deals with clients such as Starbucks, providing a 40% increase in check-ins in its nationwide promotion. The former Twitter intern and Stanford Business School grad says a number of brands are gaining benefits from location-based marketing.

–Renita Burns

Kehinde Wiley 33
Visual Artist/Designer New York

Known for his larger-than-life paintings, Wiley manages to showcase and diversify his abilities on more than just a canvas. In his business partnership with PUMA, Wiley offered his artistic eye to its Spring/Summer 2010 “Africa Lifestyle” line, which includes bomber jackets, T-shirts, laces, and patterned sneakers. PUMA also commissioned the Los Angeles native to create life-size paintings of African footballer stars to tour Paris, London, Milan, and Johannesburg as a symbol of unity among those countries participating in the 2010 FIFA World Cup.                          

–Dale R. Coachman

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