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Jason Smikle

Jason Smikle  24
Co-Founder/Managing Director
TUV Online/TUV Media Networks  Chicago

Smikle recognized a void in cool, authentic media produced by young people during his sophomore year of college and teamed up with his friends Ebele Mora and Fabricio Sousa to launch Truly Unique Vision (TUV). The venture has evolved into a new media company that helps brands connect directly with young people (age 18—24). “There’s a huge disconnect between the mindset of young people and the companies trying to create products that young people buy,” says Smikle. With a growing client list including Foot Locker, BET, Toyota, and McDonald’s, the company expects 100% growth in year-over-year revenues.

–Renita Burns

Glenn Lamont McMillan 29
Director in Global Markets
Fixed Income Division
Deutsche Bank New York

McMillan got his start on Wall Street at an early age, making frequent visits to his uncle’s office at Goldman Sachs’s fixed-income trading desk. His growing math skills impressed seasoned traders who mentored and guided him. Today, McMillan, one of the youngest directors at Deutsche Bank, manages a $3.5 billion portfolio of seven and 10-year U.S. Treasury Bonds.

Sirena Moore 28
Elohim Cleaning
Contractors Inc. Bristol, PA

Moore’s industrial and commercial construction site cleaning firm continues an upward revenue trajectory earning $2.7 million in 2009 and projecting $3 million in 2010. The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s 2010 Small Business Person of the Year,  Moore helps others learn the ropes through workshops and a radio program.

Leea Nash 32
Director, Business Development,
Digital Media Group
Twentieth Century Fox Los Angeles

From mobile devices and tablets to social media and video clips, Nash evaluates opportunities to monetize Fox’s content on emerging digital platforms. She plays a pivotal role in developing the digital strategy for Fox’s film and TV properties and supports key initiatives, including the distribution of video through partners such as Hulu and Netflix.

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