5 Apps That Will Simplify Tax Season

5 Apps That Will Simplify Tax Season

It’s only during tax season that you might realize how much of a receipt-hoarder you’ve become over the course of the year.  For some, though, it’s not until a few days shy of the tax filing deadline that they discover they should’ve kept and organized those W-2 statements, 1099 forms, and, yes, a copy of last year’s tax return. We’re not judging, but want to help you get everything in order with little more than your mobile device.

Here, The Daily Muse outlines several tax apps that will simplify the filing process:

TurboTax Snap Tax

Available: Android, iPhone and Kindle

The popular tax filing software company offers a full suite of apps to help you file estimate your refund, and find out when you can (hopefully) expect to find that chunk of cash sitting in your bank account.

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