The 5 Best Bargains for the Fall Months

Fall is the best time to look around your home, assess your needs, and try to get it done for less. From home repairs and maintenance to stocking up on home goods for the colder months, now is the time to get started.

1. Summer always seems to end so soon, but take some time to get ready for next year. Get a list together of what you may need for next summer and get it now. Stores will be offering deep discounts on grills, barbecue equipment, and even patio furniture.

2. Now is also a good time to shop for appliances because the new 2014 models are headed to stores now and they really want to clear out the older models even though they are brand new! There will be great sales on washers and dryers, refrigerators, and other major appliances.

3. November is a great time to shop for televisions and electronic gadgets. Stores will have deep discounts on these items since these gifts are very popular during the holidays. If you can, after Thanksgiving try to take advantage of Black Friday.

4. Grocery stores start their stock-up sales right about now. Look out for these circulars and coupons to stock up on canned goods and household basics you will need heading into fall and winter.

5. Contractors and home-improvement businesses offer discounts on fall and winter home prep (such as roof and gutter cleaning, landscaping and lawn maintenance, and plumbing checks). You can get discounts heading into Fall.

Take a moment right now to be ready to take advantage of major discounts in the Fall.

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