The Business Behind Skin Bleaching: 5 Telling Facts

The Business Behind Skin Bleaching: 5 Telling Facts

Dencia's Whitelicious made global news as controversial upon its release and marketing by the African pop star. (Image: File)
Retired baseball player Sammy Sousa faced widespread scrutiny after reports of his skin bleaching use. (Image: File)

5. Hydroquinone, which is the chemical most commonly used in skin lightening products, was actually banned in Europe during the 2000’s. It is now only available in a small amount when prescribed by doctors.

According to Vice, beauticians abroad have began providing injection services for wealthy clientele who want to lighten their skin. One product used by a woman in Kenya contain AHAs, or alpha hydroxy acids. Dr Pranav Pancholi, indicated to Vice that alpha hydroxy acids are a type of corrosive compound used in chemical peels and can cause serious health problems if used incorrectly. The article goes on to state that “Medical professionals don’t normally inject products containing AHAs as they can cause serious infection and kill body tissue causing flesh to waste away. ”

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