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5 Fitness Items to Upgrade Your Summer Gym Bag

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As you shape up for yet another fit summer, you may find yourself rummaging through old gym bags tossing products and gadgets of previous years that either no longer work for your lifestyle or never really lived up to your standards.

No worries. The fitness market is always evolving and coming up with new and revolutionary gadget to monitor and advance your workout.

Last month She Hunt Event’s hosted their She’s Fit, She’s Beautiful demo showcases, bringing the latest in health, fitness, style and beauty products for women to an audience of the most influential media.

The multifaceted showcase houses some of the latest innovations in skincare, cosmetics and of course, fitness for fashionably fit women looking to spruce up their workout game.

With so many new products hitting the market everyday, BlackEnterprise.com has picked five worth-while items displayed during the She’s Fit, She’s Beautiful event that may, upgrade your gym bag this summer.

First up is the Pivotal Living Band. The band, which, is sleek and comes in several colors can be thought of as a more cost efficient  version of the new and popular Apple watch. It is to be worn all day and allows you to track hydration, sleep, calories burned and weight all in active time. You can keep track of all this plus participate socially, with friends and even on teams, using the Pivotal Living App found in both  Apple and Google Play app stores.

Next, are a few items from Nathan Sports, all different and extremely practical. Thier Sport-Wash, is a performance grade detergent designed to remove locked in order, restore fabrics and remove stains. Sold in a convenient tube filled with seven easy to use, “drop in wash” packs, the detergent is portable and may be great for traveling or working out away  from home.

The Mirage Pak, also by Nathan, is an expandable new age fanny pack with a sleek, and minimal design. The fully adjustable, mesh pocket is perfect to store keys, headphones, money or even your smaller smartphone. It also comes in 3M reflective bright colors great for visibility during night runs or evening activities.

Speaking of visibility, the sports company also make a low profile Strobe Light clip that can be secured to a belt, waistband shirt to ensure you can be seen at a safe distance. Its water resistant shell makes it ok to sue in any weather, during anytime of year.

And last but not least, Revive a supplement by company You Theory, the once a day advanced formula says it will provide a natural source of sustained energy, by balancing blood sugar through a blend of aloe vera, green tea, african mango and black tea extracts–giving you just enough momentum to get up, get out, and get fit.