5 Health and Wellness Apps Every Busy Professional Needs To Know

5 Health and Wellness Apps Every Busy Professional Needs To Know

Sticking to a healthy diet plan and workout routine can be both costly and time consuming, but thanks to technology it doesn’t have to be.

Long gone are the days where you spend hours in the gym just to get your summer body intact. In fact, according to a report from Nielsen, roughly 46 million people used apps from the fitness and health category in January 2014 alone.

As a growing number of companies look to increase employee productivity, reduce sick days, and cut healthcare costs, smartphone apps have come in handy when it comes to implementing a quick and easy way to enforce healthy eating habits in the workplace and at home.

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Below are five apps every professional should download to keep on track with their fitness goals.

1. Sworkit: Co-founded by Black Enterprise’s 2015 Techpreneur Ben Young, Sworkit provides customized 5—60+ minute strength, Pilates and stretching workouts that require no equipment. With the goal to provide simple and easy workout routines that can be done anywhere and anytime, Sworkit is the perfect app for any professional who hates going to the gym.

2. Zipongo: Aimed at improving healthy eating habits in the workplace, Zipongo helps employees navigate a company’s cafeteria menu to find items that best suit their health goals. The digital startup, which has both an app and website, has been used by 125 companies including Google and IBM. But in addition to tracking your eating habits at work, the app also helps professionals choose the right takeout meals and home cooked meals by offering recipes, grocery shopping lists, and discounts on health food items such as fruits and vegetables.

3. Fitmo: For professionals who find personal trainers to be too expensive, Fitmo may be just the app you need. Providing you with a personal trainer at your fingertips, Fitmo offers you a customized fitness schedule, suggested meal ideas, and constantly checks in on your progress via text messages and video calls.

4. MyFitnessPal: Counting every calorie intake can be hard and tedious so that’s why MyFitnessPal is here to help. You can quickly log your meals into the app, even if it’s something you made from scratch, and thanks to MyFitnessPal extensive database the nutritional information of your food will be calculated. Once you start using the app regularly, the system gets to know your diet and saves your favorite foods so that they can be added to your daily diet with just the tap of a button.

5. Rise: Don’t have time to meet with a weekly nutrition coach? Don’t worry, because there’s an app for that. Rise pairs you one-on-one with a dietician who does frequent check-ins and offers suggestions for healthier options to your food choices.