5 High Paying, Flexible, Part-Time Jobs for Professionals

5 High Paying, Flexible, Part-Time Jobs for Professionals

Part-time, flexible, remote, and telecommute jobs are the types of positions that best support the balance between work and family. As more employers adopt flexible work options, opportunities for high paying, part-time jobs have increased as well.

To demonstrate that jobs requiring advanced education, skill, and knowledge can also have part-time schedules, FlexJobs identified 10 flexible, high paying, professional level jobs for experienced candidates to consider. Each of the jobs mentioned requires less than 40 hours per week, along with advanced experience and education. Additionally, they each have a pay rate of at least $50 per hour, which translates annually to $104,000 in a full-time role.

Family and Work-Life Balance


“Part-time work is sometimes associated with less professional, lower paying jobs, but, as this list indicates, that isn’t necessarily true,” said Sara Sutton Fell, founder and CEO of FlexJobs, in a released statement. “The opportunities for high paying part-time jobs span industries and positions, while still offering competitive salaries. The flexibility professional part-time jobs offer provides workers the opportunity to practice within their chosen profession and maintain their skills, without the time commitment of a full-time role and a massive disruption to their income.”

According to FlexJobs, in a recent survey of over 3,000 professionals, 48% expressed interest in part-time work. What’s more, since 2013, the top four reported reasons why people sought out flexible work and part-time jobs were:

  1. Commute stress (47%)
  2. Time savings (48%)
  3. Family (52%)
  4. Work-life balance (79%)

FlexJobs also identified the top 35 companies hiring part-time, remote workers in 2016, as well as hot categories for flexible jobs that can pay over $50,000. Based on listings by FlexJobs and other sites, like Monster.com, here are some flexible jobs that tend to pay well:

1. Curriculum Writer


Education professionals with experience in curriculum writing will find a variety of part-time, temporary positions that involve assisting educational institutions and organizations with curriculum development, writing, and adaptation. These jobs seek people who have excellent teamwork skills and who work well under deadlines.

Pay Rate: About $50 per hour, on average.

2. Clinical Pharmacist


Clinical pharmacists provide clinical pharmacy services to patients. Responsibilities may include addressing the needs of nursing personnel regarding drug disposition and usage. Generally, a Doctor of Pharmacy degree in is required and state licensure.

Pay Rate: Around $50 to $70 per hour.

3. Software Engineer


Software engineers are responsible for designing, testing, and debugging software programs. The industries hiring include IT, manufacturing, finance, education, entertainment, communications, and many others.

Pay Rate: $60 to $73 per hour.

4. Tax Manager


Some senior tax managers work for corporations, providing year-round oversight, while others work for firms that focus on personal or small business returns. Schedules can vary widely, depending on the time of year. Duties may include managing budgets, preparing and filing returns, and monitoring compliance requirements.

Pay Rate: $50 per hour.

5. Mobile Developer


This position enables you to engage with a development and architecture team in the coding, designing, and implementation of an iOS application that will be used in a customer-facing role. Solid JavaScript skills and a minimum of two years of experience are required.

Pay Rate: $65 to $70 per hour.