Black Fathers Matter: 5 Hip-Hop Songs That Celebrate Black Fatherhood

Black Fathers Matter: 5 Hip-Hop Songs That Celebrate Black Fatherhood

With fathers day approaching, BLACK ENTERPRISE  wants to highlight five Hip hop songs that pay homage to Black fatherhood for Father’s Day. Like Hip-Hop culture, Black dads have long been the subject of negative criticism and stereotypes around the lack of parenting or perspective on father-child relationships. Disgraced comedian Bill Cosby infamously dissed Black fathers in 2004 and in 2008, then President Barack Obama told Black dads “We need fathers to realize that responsibility does not end at conception,” the New York Times reported. 

Black fathers are in Black homes loving and raising Black children. Big Ups to Black dads this Father’s Day. These five Hip-Hop songs advocate Black fatherhood and shows the enthusiasm Black men have to be fathers.

1) Jay-Z Blue,  Jay-Z

Jay-Z addresses the fears of losing a chance to be in his daughter’s life due to separation with his wife, Beyoncé. He was direct about the fact that he doesn’t want to be a part of a cycle where a child grows up without its father. As well, talks about dealing with growing up without his father and not wanting to make the same mistakes he saw his father make in his relationships and kids.

2) It’s A Boy, Slick Rick

It’s a Boy. Slick Ricks joyfully raps about the love he has for the mother of his child and how he stays focused on his path to fatherhood through faithfulness. He wants to give his baby boy the world and eager to teach him the ways of the world.

3) Champion, The artist formerly known as Kanye West

Kanye West pays homage to his dad on “Champion” by comparing his dad to Will Smith in his role as Chris Gardner in Pursuit of Happiness.  He shares that every summer his father had to get rich quick ideas, and how that then inspired him not to give up on what he wanted to accomplish.

4) Biological Didn’t Bother, Shaquille O’Neal 

Step-father’s deserve the same respect, love and admiration a biological father deserves. Shaqs tells the story of how his biological father did not fit the role of what a father could be and how watched his stepdad work two jobs and accept all the responsibilities of a father. Shaq credits his step-father with molding him from a boy to a man when his biological didn’t bother.

5) Like Father, Like Son, Game

On “Like Father, Like Son,” Game raps about the day his son was born. The rapper shows his gratefulness in shouting out everyone who supported him and the process—from close friends to the nurses and doctors. On one hand, he is excited that his son is a spitting image of himself. On the other hand, he doesn’t want his son to be anything like him.

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