5 Necessary Tips to Prepare for the Best Summer Ever

It’s almost summertime! In just one month, you’ll be trading in your long shirts and covered toes for bathing suits and flip flops, as you head to the nearest tropical climate for fun in the sun.

Not to dampen your excitement, as the summer is all about spontaneity, but there is necessary cause and pause for preparation: summer safety.

Make your good time even better by knowing that your summer will be hazard-free, if you simply follow these few tips:

  1. Stretching — Look now, we know you have an inner Serena. But, if you haven’t done as little as a lunge in the past three or four months, don’t go out on a tennis court and expect to fall into a graceful split to get your shot—you will fail. Pulled muscles are real things. So, start preparing your body now, for the activity that’s coming later. Get active. Stretch.
  1. Sunblock — Yes, we need that too. Though black supposedly doesn’t crack, black can still be subjected to harmful UV rays, which can result in burning, peeling, and worse. Protect the skin you’re in. Be sure to go for a waterproof block as, contrary to popular belief, you may want to swim. Chlorine plus blazing sun rays are recipe for skin disaster. Lather up.
  1. Protective hairstyles — Ladies, this is the perfect time to braid, twist, and lock your hair! A protective style during the summer not only allows for your hair to be maintenance-free, but it also allows you to enjoy all the activities that the summer has to offer—minus the fear of water. Cover it up and call it a good time.
  1. Water — Yes, we know that if there is any excuse to be boozy in the middle of the day, the summertime grants that. However, hydration saves lives. Not only does water work wonders for warding off pesky hangovers, it also works wonders at keeping the body adequately functioning–particularly in heat. Severe dehydration can lead to heat stroke or heat exhaustion–both of which ruins parties. If it’s warm out and you’re planning to be outside for any extended period of time, grab a bottle of water and keep the party going.
  1. Repellent — You’re likely planning to head down to Palm Beach Gardens this summer (namely Labor Day Weekend) as you’ve caught wind of the fact that the 2016 Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge will be taking place, September 1-4, at the PGA National Resort & Spa. Here’s a heads-up, there are mosquitoes and other things that fly and crawl in south Florida that you don’t want on you. Be prepared to go to war—have repellent on deck.

You’re all set. Get yourself together and embrace the summer at the 2016 Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge, September 1 -4, PGA National Resort & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Register now.

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