5 Questions You Should Ask During Every Job Interview

5 Questions You Should Ask During Every Job Interview

There’s no question that a lot of preparation goes into every job interview.

From making sure you have enough copies of your résumé, to enough background knowledge about the company, and a clear mind to answer any questions thrown your way, leading up to an interview can be a bit nerve wrecking.

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While much of the pressure is placed on how well you show that you are a right fit for the job, a considerable amount of thought should also be given to how much of a fit the job is for you.

In order to ensure you aren’t stepping into a job you will hate, and to show your true interest in excelling at the company, below are five questions you should ask to make the most out of your job interview experience.

1. How would you describe the company culture? Asking about the culture of a company is the perfect way to get a sense of how you will fit in before you even step foot into the office. Is the company relaxed? Are they strict? Is it fast-paced? Is it very demanding? All of these are concerns that can be answered by asking this one simple question.

2. What do you like most about your job? Asking your interviewer this question will give you an idea of what to look forward to if you are hired for the position. It will also show you whether or not the person truly loves their job by how quickly and directly they answer this question.

3. How does working here differ from your past company? Asking an interviewer to compare their current work experience with their past job will give you a sense of why they like their current company and if switching to the company is the right move for you to make as well.

4. What are some challenges of this role? While a job description may look good on paper, it’s often hard to tell if the responsibilities will really match the job listing until you’re actually in the position. Asking this question will give you a sense of some of the not so favorable qualities that may come with the role.

5. What have past employees done to excel in this position? This question will give you a sense of what you need to not only succeed in the role, but also to impress your boss and co-workers. It will also leave your interviewer knowing you’re highly interested in the role and you care about doing what it takes to get the job done effectively.