5 Reasons Every Student Should Launch a Business While in College

5 Reasons Every Student Should Launch a Startup Business While in College

  1. Pay all or most of your expenses now: A motivated and focused student can receive a good education almost anywhere and the financial case weighs heavily in favor of attending a public college, university or technical school.  So I advise that you consider a state college or university. By going to a public institution your annual fees will be much lower and you can pay as you go each year.Don’t take student loans just because they are available. Only take them if you need them—and save all the excess money you get. Don’t think of student loan “refund checks” as a pay day. They’re not.  That’s a debt that is going to follow you around until you pay it off and for lots of Americans that can be 10 to 20 years after they’ve graduated, effectively sentencing them to two mortgages if they decide to buy a house as well. Set yourself up for success by avoiding debt—even low interest debt.Continue reading on the next page