5 Reasons to Fly Fiji Airways
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5 Reasons to Fly Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways

Whether you’re visiting the South Pacific for business or pleasure, you’ll have to exercise a little patience to get there. While there’s not much that can be done about the double-digit travel time, choosing the right airline can make all the difference.

Fiji Airways passengers enjoy a level of service and perks that make them feel as if they’ve arrived, even before ever leaving the ground.

Here’s why:


1. They Know the Neighborhood


Fiji Airways is more than 60 years old. The company’s domestic and international flights serve more than a dozen locations throughout the South Pacific. Regular flights also serve cities in Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Also, the airline’s on-time performance beats global industry standards.


2.  There Are Direct Flights From the U.S. to Fiji


Fiji Airways is the only airline that offers direct flights to Fiji from the mainland U.S. Passengers have the ease of boarding once, then relaxing until their arrival at Nadi International Airport.


Aerial view of Fiji. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)


Any U.S. passenger can pick up a Fiji Airways flight from Los Angeles International Airport, a major hub in the U.S. that’s easily accessible for flights arranged throughout all major and regional carriers.


3. Fiji Airways Provides Top-Flight Comfort and Entertainment


The airline’s fleet includes both Boeing and Airbus aircrafts, along with smaller aircrafts for regional travel. Pillows and blankets are provided for maximum comfort on overnight flights. All seats recline comfortably, and business class seats have the ability to extend into a bed for sleeping. Business class passengers also get a little more legroom and better seating than those in economy class, which is typical among airlines.


Comfy Business Class accommodations aboard Fiji Airways. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)


Travelers can access music, television, audiobooks, games, and movies with FijiTime, the airline’s very own entertainment package. There’s even a children’s channel! Passengers traveling from Los Angeles can use FijiTime without any additional fees, as can all business class travelers.


4. Figi Airways Offers Complimentary Meals and Drinks


Members of the airline’s Tabua Club can enjoy complimentary food and drinks in its exclusive passenger lounge in Nadi, as well as reciprocal perks at other airports where Fiji Airways provides service.


Fiji Airways Business Class amenities for a more enjoyable flight. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)


Business class passengers traveling on long flights are served three-course meals, along with wine and liquor. Economy class passengers have the option of purchasing menu and beverage items.


The artistic presentation of a meal on Fiji Airways. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)


The South Pacific-inspired dishes bring a taste of Fiji to travelers, before they even arrive.


5. Guaranteed Service With a Smile


When it comes to the airline staff, Fiji Airways passengers are in good hands. Staff members are well-versed in all aspects of the aircraft and its features, in addition to being well-trained in proper safety protocol and procedures.


The friendly flight team on my Fiji Airways flight. (Photo: Aniesia Williams)


From the ground crew to the flight attendants, the friendly staff at Fiji Airways take their role as representatives of the island nation seriously. Fiji is famous for its warm hospitality, and the airline’s staff extend this warm welcome to all travelers before they even board the plane. Whether one is sitting in business class or economy class, all passengers are made to feel like a special guest of the airline.