5 Steps to Effective Spring (Career) Cleaning

5 Steps to Effective Spring (Career) Cleaning

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The new season is upon us, and with that comes a sense of fresh new starts and new awakening. Oftentimes, people think of spring cleaning as something to do around the house, but you should also keep in mind other aspects of your life need refreshing and reorganizing as well. Take a look at steps you can take to evaluate and recharge your career this spring:

Reignite passion. Spring cleaning can be a useful tool for employees who are feeling complacent. Dale Carnegie Training’s recent study on employee engagement found that one of the driving factors in creating high levels of engagement is employees feeling pride in working for their company.

It can be easy for an employee to just function each day on autopilot rather than truly feeling connected to what they do. Having a passion for one’s job is vital to their success, and to the success of their company.