5 Steps To Advance From Entry-Level To Senior Executive

How to Go From Entry Level to Top Exec

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

So you’ve just started on your new job and you’re fresh faced and ready to impress. Well, thinking strategically, this is the perfect time for making major positioning moves. Think of your current entry-level status as a stepping stone toward the C-suite.

Don’t know how to get to that coveted senior manager’s circle? Madame Noire offers five steps to making your way from entry-level newbie to top-level executive.

1. Longevity: You could have guessed that longevity is one of the most pertinent ways you could elevate your career level. Longevity does not always have to be based on how long you’ve been at the company you work for, but also by prolonged experience in your field, regardless of how many jobs you have held in that area. It is a positive aspect to have some reasonable span of employment in one position at one company to demonstrate to mid-level and senior-level executives that you are dependable and committed as an employee. The longer you hold out as an entry-level employee, the better you stand out to the upper-level executives.

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