5 Sure-Fire Ways to Be Happier at Work

5 Sure-Fire Ways to Be Happier at Work

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The Monday Blues can put quite the damper on starting the week. You want to be productive and have an awesome day, but that first day can be quite a drag for some. It can be difficult to shake off those feelings of tiredness and regret that the weekend is over but it is possible.

AOL Jobs offers five sure-fire— and scientifically proven— ways you can find happiness for your day while at work.

Balance where you spend your mental time. Maintaining happiness requires that you not spend too much time walking down Memory Lane or focused on planning for the future. And while “living in the moment” is promoted by many personal-happiness gurus, workers also shouldn’t focus too much on “the now,” according to a new study from researchers at San Francisco State University (via LiveScience). “If you are too extreme or rely too much on any one of these perspectives, it becomes detrimental, and you can get into very destructive types of behaviors,” says lead researcher Ryan Howell. “It is best to be balanced in your time perspectives.”

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