5 Tennis Survival Tips for the Non-Tennis Player

5 Tennis Survival Tips for the Non-Tennis Player

Some of you may turn your nose up at the mere idea of playing tennis. I’m completely with you. You’d rather be doing most things, anything, other than that. You get it–it’s exercise, it’s competitive, and some may even call it fun.

That is not your story. Your story is that whenever, if ever, you find yourself on a tennis court someone made you do it.

Consider this your survival kit.

1. Stay out of the way

You’re there now. Since you’re there, you may as well make the best of it. The first part of making the best of it? Not getting hit by tennis balls. Sit down somewhere. Better yet, stand somewhere safe just in case a ball comes flying at your head. Also, you don’t want to interrupt those who do want to be there. Interrupting someone else’s tennis match is not only rude, but it may also be the quickest way to have balls flying at your head on purpose. Remember, we’re trying to avoid that.

2. You don’t have to be good, but you do have to look good

When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, everything else is just details. You won’t mind being a non-tennis player on the tennis court if it’s really all about you loving your tennis skirt.

3. Offer refreshments

You’re already sitting there, why not make yourself useful? Grab a glass of lemonade and hand it to the nearest player after each set. Have a glass for yourself, too! It’s hot out there.

4. Be quiet and if you can’t be quiet, be witty.

Listen, the last thing the players need is you yapping about one thing or another on the sideline. Feel free to keep any and all commentary to yourself. That’s unless, of course, you’re hilarious. Nobody, not even tennis players, minds a chuckle. The game is supposed to be fun, after all. If you can’t sit quietly let fun be your only contribution.

5. Just try.

I know, you simply don’t want to, but you might actually enjoy yourself. The fact that being good at, or even actually playing the game, in some cases, is of little to no importance to you, there is no pressure whatsoever. Take a swing. Volley some balls. Run up and down the court if you’re feeling extra. Make an attempt to play the game and you just might be surprised. No pressure, but it’s worth a shot.

See there? Tennis can be fun, even for you. Test this theory at the 2016 Black Enterprise Golf & Tennis Challenge, Sept. 1—4, PGA National Resort & Spa, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Register now.

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