7 Top Black-Owned Bed and Breakfasts
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7 Top Black-Owned Bed and Breakfasts

Akwaaba's Greenwood with BEBR Correspondent Lanier (Image: Courtesy of Black Enterprise Business Report)
Morehead Manor Durham, North Carolina (Image: Fortuitous Capture)

A bed and breakfast is a small, cozy, restored or renovated property that offers overnight accommodation and breakfast. They are typically private residences with a few bedrooms offered for rent and available to the public.

It’s an escape-within-an-escape, a home-away-from-home, an experience akin to spending a few nights and mornings with a relative one is meeting for the first time that has a near-unforgettable breakfast prepared for you the minute you get out of bed.

B&B’s usually only offer morning meals and are not typically responsible for lunch or dinners. They offer the same amenities as hotels but are a lot more intimate. It’s the intimacy they provide that attracts guests and clients, usually vacationers and travelers looking for a romantic getaway, some downtime or just to unplug from work.

But the industry is vastly underrepresented by black owners. Few of the inns scattered across the U.S. are properties owned by people of color.

According to Monica Edwards, co-owner of Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast in Durham, North Carolina, “Out of the 30,000 or more B&B’s in the country only about 1% are black owned.” Another black-owned B&B owner, Monique Greenwood says less than half a percent of B&B’s nationwide are black-owned.

BlackEnterprise.com asked them to recommend the top black-owned bed and breakfasts in the country.

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