7 Top Black-Owned Bed and Breakfasts

7 Top Black-Owned Bed and Breakfasts

Morehead Manor Durham

Owned by Daniel and Monica Edwards, the Morehead Manor Bed and Breakfast opened to the public back in 1997. Since then it has been a staple of African American excellence in hospitality.

Located in Durham, North Carolina, the splendidly redecorated, 8,000 square-foot, Colonial Revival Style home is located within walking distance to the Downtown area. The property has four spacious guestrooms each with a private bath.
“We are going into our 17th year. I’ve seen lots of changes and I’ve embraced them. I enjoy what I do, its a labor of love and I tell everybody if I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t be doing it this long.”

“I can honestly say my first experience at a bed and breakfast was in 1995 and I fell in love with it and said to myself this a very good concept. And over the next year and a half every time my husband and I traveled we stayed at a B&B and talked to people there. Remember at that time there was very limited information about B&B’s unlike hotels that have a lot of money to spend on advertising, most B&B’s have a very limited budget.”