5 Travel Destinations for Foodies

5 Travel Destinations for Foodies

If you don’t think twice about hopping on a flight to taste the best chili crab in Singapore or the tastiest Po’ boy sandwich in New Orleans, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a few must-visit foodie destinations around the world.

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New Orleans, LA: Considering New Orleans has roots in African, Italian, and Spanish influences, foodies can expect an adventure on a plate. A few must-try dishes include char-grilled oysters at the Acme Oyster house, a Po’Boys sandwich at Parkway Bakery & Tavern, red beans with rice at Willie Mae’s Scotch House, and you certainly cannot leave the city without trying Beignet at Café Du Monde.

Barcelona, Spain: Once you get past the city’s breathtaking architecture and amazing art collections, you can fill up with wine and delicious tapas at one of the many restaurants, café’s or bars in Barcelona. While each restaurant specializes in something different, here are a few must-try dishes: paella (rice dish with seafood or meat), Jamon (cured ham) Escalivada (roasted vegetables) fried squids, manchego cheese, and Croquetes de pollastre i pernil (chicken and ham croquettes). Check out Trip Advisor’s Best restaurants in Barcelona.

Bangkok, Thailand: Amid the hustle and bustle in Bangkok, lies some of the best street food cooks and restaurants. From eating the best pad tai (stir fried rice noodles), and satay (meat or chicken) grilled over an open flame in China Town to Hainanese-style chicken rice (Khao mun gai) cooked in chicken fat oil in Sukhumvit, there’s plenty of foodie hot spots to choose from. Check out Lonely Planet’s 12 must-try dishes in Bangkok.

Singapore: Even the pickiest restaurant snob can find something delicious to eat at Hawker Food Stalls, a semi-enclosed building including rows of tiny foodie hot spots. But take note, there’s no romance and reserved seating. Here are a few must-try dishes: Nam Sing Hokkien Mee (similar to a seafood pasta), Prawn Noodle soup, curry fish head, and Hainanese-style satays. Check out CNN’s recommendations on the best Hawker Stalls.

Philadelphia, PA: While a cheesesteak is synonymous with Philadelphia, visitors shouldn’t underestimate other worldly cuisines being served around the city. From hummus and cucumber salad at the Middle Eastern restaurant, Dizengoff, to a full buffet of South Indian food at Devi’s, the Philadelphia’s foodie scene is thriving with a new crop of restaurants, café’s and even food trucks.