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5 Warm Weather Destinations to Ring in the New Year

Your choice: Will you celebrate financial freedom in 2013—or continue to suffer from a financial hangover? (Image: ThinkStock)

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The Bahamas is located in the Atlantic Ocean north of Cuba and considered part of the Caribbean. Its high season is generally December through April, with temperatures averaging in the mid to late 70’s in December and January.

Nassau is the capital city with luxurious resorts, financial centers and tourists reveling in the island’s beauty. December is a fun month for the Bahamas with Junkanoo, an annual Bahamian festival celebrating the New Year. Junkanoo festivities run from December 26th through January 1st with thousands parading around in colorful costumes and dancing throughout the town.

Visitors should be sure to check out Bay Street, where they can enjoy the duty-free prices of designer and luxury items in the shopping district. There’s also the Straw Market, where there’s more shopping and the chance to socialize with Bahamian locals.

Where to stay in Nassau:

The Nassau Palm Hotel offers discounted rates during the month of December and is located just a short distance from the major shopping areas. For a more laid-back atmosphere, opt for The Marley Resort & Spa in Cable Beach, Nassau, a former vacation home of the late musician, Bob Marley and his wife Rita.

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