5 Super-Savvy Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Twitter to Attract Investors

5 Super-Savvy Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Twitter to Attract Investors

use twitter to attract investors

Attracting investors to your company can often feel like you’re a trained monkey at a sideshow carnival. You do everything in your power to attract reputable angel investors and venture capitalists, only to have them fund other entrepreneurs with less viable business ideas than yours. But did you know there’s one sure way to entice investors to discover your startup or business idea, and it doesn’t involve doing a monkey dance or selling your soul? One enticing way entrepreneurs can attract investors to their company is by using the power of Twitter to make their business hard to ignore.

If you’re an entrepreneur who wants to get on the radar of international investors, the following are five Twitter tactics you ought to try.

Become a Twitter List Sleuth

Use existing Twitter lists to discover top investors about whom you might not even know. Influential people like Robert Scoble have already created lists of investors on Twitter you can follow, retweet, or respond to online. Use a tool like Scoutzen to uncover myriad lists of investors who are active on Twitter. When you make a point of adding intelligent commentary to your retweets of their Twitter posts, you will naturally get on their radar without being pushy or begging for attention for your company.

Investigate Twitter Likes

Did you know you can investigate the likes of angel investors and venture capitalists on Twitter? Just click on their Twitter URL and then click on the “likes” tab. You’ll soon discover topics your favorite investors are interested in, regardless of whether it’s the latest artificial intelligence news or up-and-coming stealth startups other investors don’t know about yet. Once you discover the topics your favorite investors are interested in, you can share links to under-the-radar startups in those sectors of which they might not be aware. You’ll build a reputation as a trusted source of helpful information and will entice investors to investigate you and your company further.

List Lurking

The types of lists investors curate say a great deal about the topics they’re interested in and the kinds of companies they like to fund. Investigate the lists investors are curating by clicking on the “list” tab for their Twitter handle. Just as their Twitter likes offer insights into their investing habits, so, too, do the types of lists they create. Once you understand who they find valuable enough to add to a Twitter list, you can then build online connections with the people and companies on their lists. Making yourself a part of their extended Twitter network helps you become an online presence hard to ignore.

Twitter Advanced Search for Digital Reconnaissance

Twitter’s advanced search function is a must-use tool for entrepreneurs wanting to connect with investors. When you use the advanced search function on Twitter, you can discover real-time information before other entrepreneurs in your sector. Once you know the topics your target investors are interested in, use Twitter’s advanced search feature to hunt for information relevant to your preferred investor’s investment thesis. Retweet the information you discover in real-time and @ mention your target investor’s Twitter handle. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can build a reputation as an intelligent and resourceful entrepreneur when you help investors discover investment opportunities at an early stage.

Use Followerwonk to Find New Investors

If you think you’ll have a tough time connecting with well-known angel investors, consider connecting with new investors on Twitter. Use Moz’ Followerwonk to find investors who have recently joined Twitter. You can help them build their follower count on Twitter, share their tweets with your network to expand their influence, and become an active member of their social networking circle. Help attract attention to their tweets, and you might draw attention to your entrepreneurial endeavor at the same time.

Integrate these five Twitter hacks into your growth marketing strategy and you’ll be amazed at how efficient Twitter is for attracting investor attention to your business. When you approach Twitter with a growth hacker’s mentality, you can use this powerful social networking platform to increase your company’s growth rate significantly.