5 Ways Men Can Give Their Appearance a Boost

One of the many things people feel men don’t have time for is taking care of how they look.

Whether it’s their outfit, their skin, hair or anything else that’s part of what people expect to look proper on a man.

Here’s a list compiled by Men’s Health on what you can do on a daily to build a routine for yourself.

Day 1:

Eliminate Wrinkles

The kind on your shirt, not your face. (We’ll get to those later.) Because nothing says, “I don’t care about how I look” quite like a frumpy button-down. Commit to a cleaner, more professional look – it’s easier than you think. For a quick solution, put aluminum foil under the ironing board cover. “The foil reflects the heat back, which eliminates creases faster,” says Linda Cobb, author of Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean. Still won’t come out? Your clothes might be too dry. Try ironing while they’re still damp.

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