5 Ways to See the ‘Bigger Picture’ as an Entrepreneur

Running a business is hard enough, but building a brand while serving as president for another company, trying to be a good husband, and fathering two small children is like running an Ironman every day. I can’t expect to give 100% to every leg of the race without burning out.

Staying accessible to my team often means missing out on T-ball practices, family dinners, and personal time. And when the day is over, I often feel like I’ve been running in place instead of moving forward.

I still struggle to make time for big-picture thinking while being a family man and juggling day-to-day tasks, but I’ve found a few methods for balancing these competing priorities. As a founder of my own company, I can’t afford to ignore–or give up on–time that allows for reflection or innovation. Without those things, I’m not a leader. Without those things, my company (and the hope of a balanced lifestyle) won’t succeed. As a leader, I’ve learned to combat letting “must do” tasks overwhelm the “want to do,” and make time for big-picture thinking.

Here are the strategies I’ve found to help:

Explicitly Define Work-Life Balance


No one wants to live and die behind a desk, watching their revenue grow instead of their kids. But for those who are passionate about what they do, work is their life, so the concept of balance can get a little skewed.

As an entrepreneur, you must define a reasonable amount of time for you to spend working. Otherwise, you’re going to miss a lot of important moments. Think about the type of life you want, and talk to your spouse about what he or she considers a reasonable workweek. Set a limit for yourself and stick to it.

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