How to Ask a Favor of Your LinkedIn Connection

Ask and You Shall Receive: 5 Ways to Ask Your LinkedIn Connections for Help

(Image: Thinkstock)
(Image: Thinkstock)

Asking someone for a favor isn’t the most exciting encounter. Whether you know this person extremely well or not, it’s a humbling experience that takes a mix of effective communication, which should be short and to the point, and eloquence.

When you consider the fact that you’re asking for a favor, not in person, but online, there’s no doubt you have to come correct, especially since this person will be adding you to his or her lengthy to-do list.  Here, The Daily Muse outlines five ways to ask for a favor from a LinkedIn connection:

Place Your “Ask” in the Subject Line

Use the subject line to ask, not to pitch, says founder and CEO of Indira Carrie Mantha. If it’s not in the subject line or the headline of your post to the group, it’s as Mantha would say “on to the next email.”

Be Specific

The more specific your request, the more likely the person is to help you before the mind wanders to his or her growing inbox.

Make It Simple to Get to “Know” You

Make it easy for your contacts to get comfortable recommending you, advises Mantha. Be sure your posts are thoughtful, concise, and well-written, and that your LinkedIn profile is complete and up-to-date. Include your Twitter handle in the details of your post so people can quickly get a sense for your personality.

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