5 Websites Every Entrepreneur Should Visit Regularly

With a quick keyword search or the click of a button, most entrepreneurs can find answers to questions, resources, or the latest small business advice. Starting your own small business isn’t easy, and there are lots of reasons small businesses fail. More than half of all startups fail within the first five years. That’s why it’s crucial for small business owners to sharpen their minds by continually educating themselves.

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The communications firm Grey Square explored the Internet to find the most useful websites for entrepreneurs. Here’s what they chose as five of the best websites an entrepreneur should visit regularly.

When you choose to become an entrepreneur, there is no doubt about it, you’re going to have a lot of questions! With that in mind, it is no surprise that question and answer websites have become increasingly popular. One site in particular, Quora, has taken the entrepreneurial world by storm. Many entrepreneurs return to the site daily to receive answers to their business questions. Entrepreneurs can join for free and have their questions answered by other people from the Quora community who has experience in the same industry.

LinkedIn Pulse
Any entrepreneur on LinkedIn will tell you that Pulse is worth viewing. It was created to ensure that entrepreneurs can view business news on tablets or mobile phones quickly and easily. But, it’s not just a great way to read news; it’s also a great way to promote your own skills and knowledge to a group of professionals. Pulse is a great way to network and reach more people. As the founder of Pulse, Akshay Kothari explained: “As an author, you have this amazing potential to reach millions of people really interested in what you’ve written about. It really goes beyond a few hundred or thousand connections you have.”

Designed for startups and entrepreneurs, this blog focuses on the key issues every first-time entrepreneur will go through – starting with how to get funding, getting your business off the ground and then growing it into a successful venture.

This is essentially an online magazine filled with business, economic and financial news. Many people turn to it on a daily basis for advice on marketing, sales, guidance and opinions. The site doesn’t just benefit those already successful in business, but those trying to build on their businesses, too.

This site regularly shares white papers, eBooks and business tools to help an entrepreneur succeed. Site CEO and founder, Jayson DeMers, also shares his advice in a number of large media outlets that include Forbes, Entrepreneur.com and The Wall Street Journal. A visit to Audience Bloom will help save any entrepreneur copious amounts of time.