50 Cent Intends to Collect $6M Award from Former Employee Who Embezzled Millions from Sire Spirits

After taking a former employee to court and winning a judgment against him, 50 Cent has posted, via his Instagram account, that he’s gonna need his money very soon.

Last summer, The New York Post reported that Curtis Jackson’s former director of Brand Management for Sire Spirits, Mitchell Green, stole $2.2 million from the company. He had been accused of selling the items from Sire Spirits for a higher price, while getting kickbacks from wholesalers. Court records revealed that Green profited by labeling the funds he was given as “agency fees.”

After an article by HipHopx was posted earlier this week, 50 had his own message for Green.

“👀Look i’m a need that by Monday! 🤨#bransoncognac #lecheminduroi


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Green had previously admitted to his Get Rich or Die Trying plan back in February 2020. He acknowledged “two years of embezzling from Sire Spirits” due to being extorted by an individual who was aware of his thievery and threatened to expose his past transgressions. The spirits brand decided to fire him and then took him to arbitration.

The arbitrator found that Green was responsible for the money that was stolen from Sire Spirits and also another $948,096 the former employee paid to a wholesaler. He was then ordered to pay an additional $2.7 million in fees for costs, damages, and attorneys fees. Court records revealed that the total Green owes is $6.2 million.

AllHipHop reported that after Green tried to have the award vacated, the court ruled against him in June 2022. Then, in November 2022, Green was penalized an additional $89,305.50 in attorneys’ fees and costs to Sire Spirits.

Last week, Green was instructed to pay $6,283,598.50 in compensatory damages, plus pre-and post-judgment interest for his misdeeds.

50, who is known to be pretty petty intends to seize the bank accounts, personal property, and any assets Green may have in his name to satisfy the $6 million judgment.